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Landlady Meets Landlord

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What we LOVED about Landlady Meets Landlord!

31 January 2022
One of our favourite Friday night comedies has sadly come to an end, but here are the reasons why we loved this amazing season.
LLMLL Season Recap

Landlady Meets Landlord season five ended last week Friday night on Zambezi Magic and it’s safe to say we have a lot of FOMO to know what could be happening in the compound right now.

We will surely miss Fridah’s love for food, Lizzie’s constant bickering with Laban and Muzo’s flirtatious ways with Malingose and Thandie.

To honor the memory of life spent with Lizzie and Tembo as Landlady and Landlord, we have created a list of unforgettable events we loved in the compound.

  1. We were here for the detectives love for Madame Lizzie, which ran deep. When she got arrested, he made sure her stay in prison was as comfortable as possible, bringing her everything from a comfortable mattress, delicious food and company!
  1. It was a treat to observe the growing feud between Malume Mokolo and Tembo after he suspected Tembo of having a hand in destroying his marriage. He also didn’t like how Tembo was trying to take over everything in the yard when Lizzie got arrested.

  1. Masuzyo’s fall-out with his father was one for the books. Who knew that finding a rich bae could cause trouble at home? Or does this only happen when parents are greedy?

  1. “A pregnant woman should never eat leftover nsima and eggs.” – Malingose

We will miss Malingose’s innocent but wise personality, which was often misunderstood. The village girl was the voice behind bride-training at moye and she helped some people in the compound understand tradition and superstitions.

  1. Jabes, a fellow landlord, was the master instigator for some of the drama in the compound. He encouraged Tembo to exercise his landlord powers on the tenants, but this advice seemed to do more harm than good.

  1. How many of us would make it out of the famous “moye room” where Thandie was once the center of attention surrounded by ambuyas and Malingose? The moye room is where ladies who have come of age are initiated and taught the secrets of managing their future households. We could never forget the day Masuzyo got into trouble with the women after he was caught peeping into the moye room and his embarrassed mother Fridah had to apologise on his behalf!

  1. When he was not arguing with his son Masuzyo or his landlord Tembo, Mr. Phiri would always make sure he had his favourite beverage in his hand; an image stuck in our memories forever. ?

  1. Fridah the prayer warrior will certainly be missed, and we will never forget the time she was requested to cast out Malume Mokolo’s demons. ? Remember that “most prayerful” competition between her and amai Daka? Good times!

The list could go on, but these are just some of the characters we enjoyed and moments we will always replay when we think about the landlords and their tenants. Go ahead; tell us about your favourite episodes on the Zambezi Magic official Facebook and Instagram pages.

Make sure you stay plugged into Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Supa Channel 5 for more Zambian entertainment!