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Landlady Meets Landlord

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Landlady Meets Landlord returns for Season 5

14 August 2021
One of our most beloved shows has officially launched!
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Everyone has had an experience with a landlord or landlady at least once in their adult life. Sometimes these interactions have been bad, either because you’re an awful tenant or they are a terrible landlord. Either way, we can all relate to the cast of #ZMLLMLL.

How it started

Our popular comedy kicked off with a dispute that started after Thembo stormed into Lizzy’s life and fought over control of the tenants. Things changed however when Daliso came along and claimed his share of the property. 

Everything went downhill from there but we loved it! Season 5 which premieres this Friday 6 August at 20:30hrs, promises to have more laughter, more crazy drama and of course, more lessons on how to deal with our landlords. :)

What to expect

What we have to love about #ZMLLMLL is the ability to find humour in real life situations, while highlighting the complicated nature of the relationship between landlords and their tenants. Everyone wants to be in charge, at whatever cost. This is what we see on the show, sprinkled with the right dose of humour.

We’d like to know some of the funny stories you might have about your landlord or landlady. Tell us what excitement they bring to your life and why you enjoy #ZMLLMLL so much.

Don’t miss the next episode of #ZMLLMLL Season 5 on Fridays at 20:30hrs, on your favourite #ZambeziMagic DStv Channel 162.