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Landlady Meets Landlord

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Home is where the heart is - Landlady Meets Landlord

20 August 2020
Laughable entanglements involving hearts and property persist in the fourth season of Landlady Meets Landlord
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The premiere of Landlady Meets Landlord Season 4 featured a stunning role reversal as Thandi’s attempts to pacify Malingose (after being caught in a compromising position with her boyfriend Muzo) failed and Malingose proceeded to make moves of her own… on Bwalya!

On the home front, Mwila and Makolo visited Lizzy in police custody, while Tembo grabbed the opportunity afforded by Lizzy’s absence to evict the difficult Peggy and nullify her rental contract.

The roles are reversed

Marital bliss was the order of the day for Zelipa and her new husband. She enthusiastically embraced the role of doting wife to Mr. Mbewe; and took on the duties of a long suffering mother to the problem-ridden landlady (Lizzy) and landlord (Tembo).

Not only did Zelipa avail herself to visit and deliver meals to Lizzy behind bars, but she brought out a most becoming softness from the grouchy Mr Mbewe. Not bad for a lady previously referred to as “that mad woman!”????‍♀️

Speaking of Lizzy being behind bars, Daliso made it abundantly clear that he wouldn’t drop the charges against her unless furnished with the title deeds to the property – an action that would strip Lizzy of her hard-won sole ownership.

And so it was left up to Tembo to grovel and plead on Lizzy’s behalf and ultimately to release these ‘Property Papers’ to Daliso in order to negotiate her release.
So is Lizzy coming home soon? Only time and Daliso can tell.

Please continue

In other news, Masuzyo fell upon good times and had the opportunity to enjoy the many spoils all by his lonesome. But where did he get the money and (with the way he’s feasting) how long will they last?

If these questions are burning a hole in your brain, then tune in to #ZMLLMLL on Friday nights a 20:30hrs on DStv CH 162 and watch the latest chapter of the #FridayNightFunnies unfold! ????