The Judges' Highs and Lows of Bootcamp

09 January 2018
From the Top 10 plus one to tears and joy, we take a flashback to Bootcamp.

It was the lyrics to Ian Judah’s rap that inspired the judges to give him a chance to enter the Dreams House.

With just 10 spots to fill, the judges felt that it would be a disservice to leave the talented rapper out of the House.

“To be honest when that happened. My heart was much more prepared to say whatever happens must happen,” Ian said when asked how he felt when the judges announced that he was part of the finalists.

This definitely being part of the highlights of Bootcamp, we asked the judges to share the moments that stood out for them during this period of the competitions and this is what they had to say:

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Thandi – The low point was seeing the disappointed faces because they are also talented. My highlight was the boat cruise.

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Kuni – It’s been quite a journey and I think we’ve picked the best that we could. This represents the best that Zambia has to offer.The show of nerves was just too much for me. Everyone was ‘shook’. I could connect with what they were going through as a musician, losing your voice. I gave them a few tips and it worked for some but not for others.

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Kenny T – I think we’ve found what we were looking for. The top 10 plus one will have mentors. The numbers speak for themselves as more of the Dreams House dwellers auditioned in my tent.

Dreams heads to the Dreams House this week where 11 finalists battle for the ultimate prize.