Dreams: Then there were 29!

22 December 2017
What was meant to be Top 25 ended up being 29 as the judges felt generous.

The stakes are definitely high and as most of the contestants proved to be more taented than the judges anticipated, they couldn't settle for a Top 25 and decided that they were going to exercise their powers in adding an extra four. As an added bonus, the Top 29 were taken on a surprise sunset cruise on the mighty Zambezi River and it was dance, music and of course a lot of singing from our contestants.

However, just when the contestants thought all was honky dory and they would finally rest after the eventful evening, theywere struck with yet another surprise, they had to perform for a good part of the night. This wasn't just any performance, they would have to fight for their places in the Top 10, individually.

The drama of the night will definitely have to have been Fabiola, who after missing the beat on Sia's “Chandelier” and when the judges dismissed her, she couldn't contain her emotions.

Fabiola's Drama


So sad for Fabiola but the show must go on!

Who made the cut?

 Abigail Malipande (Lusaka)

Stage name: Abi Mali

DOB: 27 October 1988

Amanda Muyunda (Lusaka)

Stage name: Mandy

DOB: 11 October 1997

Chilombo Makayi (Lusaka)

DOB: 25 August 1995

Chongo Christine (Kitwe)

Stage name: Kili Jo

DOB: 24 December 1995

Ashley Luse Maane (Lusaka)

DOB: 24-Nov-98

Sikazwe Peter

Hometown: Luanshya in the Copperbelt

DOB: 06 January 1993

Niah Mutale

Hometown: Ndola

DOB: 25 Jan 1997

Welevuli Gondwe

Stage name: Nachi

Hometown: Lusaka

DOB: 12 April 1998

Stephanie Mambwe (Lusaka)

DOB: 07 November 1993

Chitamfya Mutale (Lusaka)

Stage name: Caroline

DOB: 26 May 1995

Faith Sichinga (Luanshya - Copperbelt)

DOB: 12 April 1992

Nobert Kataya (Ndola)

DOB: 15 May 1993

Eliud Zulu (Lusaka)

DOB: 09 November 1997

Sarah Kalunga (Kalulushi)

DOB: 22 April 1999

Emelda Kale (Ndola)

DOB: 11 November 1990

Emmanuel Peter Alinafe Sakala (Chipata)

Stage name: Epas

DOB: 05 December 1995

Yamika Anamela (Lusaka)

Stage name: Yamzy

DOB: 14 February 1996

Misheck Njobvu (Serenje)

Stage name: Wrecx

DOB: 09 May 1999

Terrence Shawa (Livingstone)

Stage name: Crumzy

DOB:19 June 1994

Christopher Kainyendwa (Lusaka)

Stage name: Christopher Kai

DOB: 02 November 1994

Faithfulness Ng'ambi (Chingola)

DOB: 04 January 1996

Ian Judah Chelelwa (Lusaka)

DOB: 16 January20.

Niza Bwalya (Livingstone)

DOB: 21-Jun-99

Chipego Tubaaka (Lusaka)

Stage name: Chipo Tubaaka

DOB: 18-Dec-91

Victoria Kasuba (Livingstone)

DOB: 14-Jul-95

Thresa Bwalya (Lusaka)

Stage name: Njavwa

DOB: 20-Feb-95

Lois Kabala (Lusaka)

DOB: 29 November 1993

Michael Temwani Chanter (Livingstone)

Stagename: Liquid Danger

DOB: 16 August 1986

Lauren Lemmond (Lusaka)

DOB: 13 May 1998


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