Dreams Judges Make Up, Hello Double Bill

08 February 2018
It was good news all round; judges made up, the Top 7 were all granted immunity and you get a double dose of Dreams, hows that?!
double bill

Twelve episodes into the show, so much has happened and most recently, the judges' den was seriously rattled. They may normally agree on a lot of things but when they couldn't see eye to eye, things got really heated and with the help of guest judges Musician Kiki and Vocal Coach Edward Mhuru, the show went on.

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The two guest judges evidently enjoyed themselves on set and well, wanted more and returned in Episode 12.

Let there be peace!

However, as our resident three are ptractically joined at the hip, they couldn't be away from each other for too long and quickly smoked the peace pipe for their own sake and for that of the show, of course. We like how Kuni threw Kenny's words right back at him when he confessed that he had missed him. "Thank you for missing me, I missed you too Kenny," that's so Kuni though!

Thandi on the other hand was her usual charming self; "I'm happy to be back and I'm glad that we can sort out our issues and move on with the show - the show must go on!" as she rolled her doe eyes.

Immunity for all

When that was out of the way, the judges thought it would be fair to give the contestants a break from the grueling Eliminations and declared all seven of them safe for yet another week in the Dreams House - must be nice! Check out how everything played out:

Group Hug, Group Hug

Double Bill Things

Catch a brand new episode of Dreams in the added time slot on Sunday 11 February at 18hrs, exclusive to Zambezi Magic. Still vying for the ultimate prize are: Abi Mali, Caroline Mutale, Faithfulness Ng'ambi, Ian Judah, Nobert Kataya, Victoria Kasuba and Wrecx. The big question remains; who will win the ultimate prize?

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