Dreams: Behind The Facebeat and Styling!

11 January 2018
Ngosa Mwape, Jayne Mwanza and Helen Sinala represent Urban Chic and have been keeping our judges and host looking fresh thus far.

Urban Chic has been around for four years and they are based in Lusaka, Zambia. They have been the visionaries behind the judges and hosts wardrobe, makeup and hair styling.

When Bootcamp was finally over, we sat down with Dreams head makeup artist Ngosa Mwape to find out how easy or tough the journey had been for her and her team.

Tell us about working on the Dreams set.

We have been working with Dreams for two seasons now. The most exciting part of working on this set is dressing the contestants because that’s where we bring our art to the set.

Whose face is easiest to work on?

The ladies Cleo and Thandi have one tone so it’s easy to work with them. You can tell that they take care of their skin. It becomes a problem when you start working with contestants because they haven’t learnt the art of proper skincare but it helps that they are still young.

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What tips can you give for looking good on set?

It all comes down to how well you take care of your skin. If you don't, then makeup doesn’t sit well. The basic is a good foundation and a good powder. These work well with the camera and lighting.

Any tricks or beauty hacks you can share with us?

  • Using white powder/baby powder has to be the best trick for us on set especially for those that sweat a lot as opposed to using brown powder because you end up with a crisis in your hands as you just keep layering.
  • For the guys, basic petroleum jelly keeps their lips moist especially in this heat.
  • On hectic shoot days, we use baby wipes to clean off excess makeup and touch up with powder for the guys. This retains the freshness of their looks.

What 5 basic/important makeup/grooming items shoule everyone have?

  1. Foundation
  2. Powder
  3. Brow gel
  4. Concealer
  5. Good lip colour

What would you say are the major makeup blunders you've witnessed...in life?

Lots of people are getting eyebrows wrong. Either too thick, too black or too close and/or the concealer is not properly blended.

What are they getting right? 

Most people get their foundation right. Thanks to the makeup counters that offer the testing service before one buys.

Take a shot at the Dreams Judges and host. What are their best features (for make up)?

Thandi – eyebrows and I love her nose so it’s easy to contour and highlight her face.

Cleo – love working with her eyelids. Eye shadow sits very well on her. Also love her lips – she’s got fuller lips so very easy to work with and any lip colour sits well on her.

Kuni – He’s got the most amazing skin for a guy.

Kenny – He doesn’t need much and his chocolate skin works very well with foundation, he almost has that permanent fresh look.

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