5 Heartwarming Dreams Auditions so Far

11 December 2017
With just one Audition to go, we take a look at some that captured our hearts.

1. Mumbi - The jilted lover 

Top of our list will have to be Mumbi and his love song in Livingstone. Oh how we enjoyed his audition and actually think someone needs to jump on that tune and get it circulating. His energy at his audition was everything and we have no doubt that if Dreams was a personality contest, Mumbi would bag it hands down.

2. Lweendo Norbert - The incacerated contestant

He refers to himself as the Jesusist and being behind bars didn't stop him from trying to pursue his dream. "This has to be recorded. It's so catchy. I'll be surprised if it doesn't become an anthem," Judge Kuni said of his performance which earned him a unanimous fasttrack to Bootcamp.

3. Cynthia and Christine - The Chongo Sisters 

We loved how daring they were to actually both take on Hill Song United’s “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail). That was a very bold step to take and we absolutely love risk-takers. Did you hear how Cynthia said "My younger sister, the big one" - these two are too cute man!

4. Prince Phiri - The Jah Man!


The only contestant who went for Ragga, Prince was an instant hit not only with the judges but with the fans too. The best thing about him is that his lyrics made so much sense and couldn't have come at a better time "You better teach our children".

5. Kelvin Simasiku - Now you see him, now you don't!


If it's not for the fact that at only 24, Kelvin is already a security guard trying to make ends meet, then it's his high affinity for fashion. Yep! his was probably the most glaring transformation we've seen on the competition so far, literally over night. He also got our judges, they really thought he was going to Rap but well, he serenaded them. Sometimes you need to confuse the enemy! Hahahaha

With this said, we hope to see even more colourful characters in Lusaka. Afterall, it is the capital city of the country and the melting pot of talent and creativity.

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