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Date My Family Botswana


Oneh and Mpho Connect – DMF Botswana

22 August 2019
This week, cupid shoots arrows in Mpho's favour and hopes to have him well-aligned romantically.
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Having walked down heartbreak valley far too many times, Mpho has decided bet on love's roulette and see which one of the three carefully selected suitors might be a hit. 

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Mpho, the eligible suitor is handsome, grounded, kind... a rare find. This sound engineer and 'virgin' has loved and lost more than his fair share in the game of hearts. However, he hopes someone mature, sweet, short and with a 'bit of booty' could turn his luck all around!

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This youthful beauty packs an irresistible one-two punch! An accountant, entrepreneur and model with an unbridled zest for life. She is looking for a mate with good communication skills, an open mind, and bucket-loads of attention to shower her with.

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A 24-year-old natural-hair enthusiast and entrepreneur in the water industry, Norma is looking for someone to quench her thirst. She doesn't need a good-looking man in her life, because she believes a man's looks are judged by his wallet. Can the modest Mpho meet her standards?!

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Free spirit Lipalesa has an open-hearted approach to finding love, and the wish-list for her dream man is simple and sweet. But what happens when Lipalesa's clan don't connect with Mpho? Can love find a way?

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After a telling round of dates with the three ladies' representatives, Mpho makes his choice, and it's Oneh who comes out on top! Swoon-away as cupid's arrow strikes true. Congratulations to these blushing potential love-birds - We hope the second date goes as well as the first.

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