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Date My Family Botswana


Angela Trybocka – DMF Botswana

29 July 2019
26 year old executive assistant looking for a man she can be real with
ep 2 angela trybocka and tumelo

Angela Trybocka is a 26 assistant and a mother of 1, who is searching for a man she can call her own. Her ideal man must be understanding and willing to allow her be her true self all the time. He should be able to get his hands dirty on a farm, but also willing to dress up and paint the town red on Fridays.

1565782881 34 screenshot 2019 08 14 at 12.01.36

Judging by the extreme parameters set by Angela, here are the three hopefuls she will have to pick from tonight. Lets meet them.

Suitor 1: Tumelo

1565782960 34 screenshot 2019 08 14 at 12.14.45

27 year old TV and professional chef, Tumelo loves to experience life and considers himself a bubbly person with a lot to offer his dream girl, a petite light skinned beauty.

Suitor 2: Kudzani

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Emotional Chef, Kudzani loves dogs and pets in general. He has a weird sense of humor and hopes his ideal date will find that endearing about him.

Suitor 3: Kevin

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30 year old Ops manager considers himself an average guy. He is calm, not a big Tv person but loves the outdoors with family. He enjoys a timeout on the farms and healthy deep conversations.

With all three dinner dates with the families of the hopefuls well out of the way, Angela must now make her choice based on which families best represented their hopefuls.

1565783239 34 screenshot 2019 08 14 at 12.48.12

Though Tumelo got the date on the night, the cold handshake he got from her may have already signaled how the night would progress, and from the looks of things, the train stops here. Better luck to both of you though.

Click here to see the images of how their date went. And before we get set to see what new couples await us in the next episode, check out how George's date went with this highlight clip below.

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