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Noni’s death shocks Zambezi Magic viewers

02 March 2022
Here’s how Amooye gave the Zambezi Magic audience the most shocking twist of the season!
Nonis death

Last week on Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Supa Channel 5, one of the most loved stars of Amooye had a tragic and sad departure from the show after getting accidentally shot during a confrontation with Ntaz.

Ntaz had discovered that her husband Themba was seeing Noni while also secretly financially supporting her business, and Ntaz could not let this destroy her idea of a picture-perfect marriage.

Many of you took to social media to share your shock and sadness about Noni’s demise and here are some of the reasons why we will miss and remember Noni:

  • She was a very loyal friend to Mutale and Wiza.
  • She had a bubbly personality.
  • She was a talented fashion designer.
  • She was pretty.
  • She loved attention and to be adored.
  • She was sometimes disconnected from reality, and carried a rose-tinted view of the world.
  • She had some insecurities that stemmed from her mother constantly expecting her to be the best and often times falling short.

Now that Noni is gone, will the real murderer eventually get caught? The police took Daphne under their custody and Ntaz warned Daphne against mentioning Noni and Themba’s affair, in case this could end up putting her name under the cops’ radar. The main question is, could Daphne’s life also be in danger now that Ntaz is telling her how to approach the case while she is behind bars? Could this also be the beginning of a notorious journey for Ntaz who is showing us that nothing should and will get in the way of her marriage?

Mutale and Wiza are also not leaving anything to chance as they embark on their own mission to find out who the real killer is. Despite Noni’s sudden departure, we’re looking forward to how Kabwe and Daphne will possibly bounce back from this tragedy.

To keep up with the drama, stay tuned to Amooye every Monday to Wednesday at 21:30hrs, right here on Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Supa Channel 5.