Zowa Ngwira as Tionenji

23 January 2020
Zowa Ngwira - the lady behind Tionenji Billboard 1600 x 640

ZM: Zowa, we know you as ‘Tionenji’ , Shupiwe’s daughter from the hit local drama Mpali. Can you tell us more about yourself?

ZN: Absolutely! My Name is Zowa Ngwira. I am a vibrant and active 23 year old actress and student. I play the daunting and cheeky role of Tionenji in the hit Zambian telenovela "Mpali”.

ZM: You are undoubtedly a very gifted young lady. Besides acting, what are you passionate about?

ZN: Besides acting and studies, I enjoy singing, dancing, socializing and public speaking.

ZM: Can you tell us more about who you are behind the scenes?

ZN: I am a warm, welcoming, friendly, positive person in ‘real’ life. I believe I possess a calm, honest and polite persona.

ZM: Obviously you’re going very far in this industry Zowa! Can you share some of your ambitions and vision with us?

ZN: My goal as a young Zambian actress is to encourage and enforce new perspectives about the blend between the entertainment industry and academics to the youth of today.

ZM: Aspirational! Thanks for you time Zowa, any last words for your fans?

ZN: Thank you for watching Zambia, I couldn’t have done it without your support! ?