Zed Top 10: Get to know K'Chinga

27 July 2017
Have you met the new presenter of the Zed Top 10 yet?

There's a fresh new face on Zambezi Magic's hit show, Zed Top 10!

Born on 29th April 1990, Kachinga Chileshe, popularly known as K'Chinga, is a hip hop artist, poet, actor and television presenter. With brains to match the cool, K'Chinga is a University of Namibia graduate who holds a Honors degree in Media Studies.

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On the music front, K'Chinga advanced his music career while living in Namibia where he was featured on albums of prominent Namibian artists such as The Dogg, Young T and Chester House Prince. But not one to be limited or held back, he has also sunk his teeth into acting which has landed him prominent roles on both TV and in the advertising world.

The name Mr 260, which you'll always see accompanying his moniker, is to remind his peers he is proudly Zambian as '260' represents the area code of his country of birth.

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The world is K'Chinga's oyster and only great things are planned for his latest milestone as host of Zambia's hottest chart show.

Look out for the premiere of the Zed Top 10 this August on Zambezi Magic!

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