Zed Top 10: 13-11-15

16 November 2015
This week music trio Urban Hype clinched the top spot with their single, "Sweet Melody". Take a look at the full Zed Top 10 chart.
Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 11.34.48 AM

We've had the ladies and the gents claiming the number one spot on the Zed Top 10 but this week it was the turn of the groups to claim their prize! Trio Urban Hype managed to clinch the poll position with their single "Sweet Melody".

Take a look at the full chart here:

10: Kaladoshas & Cleo Ice Queen - Oxygen

9: Ruff Kid ft Chesta - Nalikutemwa

8: Roberto ft Sebastian Dutch  - Am Gon Love Her

7: Salma Sky - Fumbi

6: Mr Vezzy - Chitenge

5: General Ozzy ft Wezi - Pamozi

4: Chef 187 - Wala Wala

3: Slap Dee ft Mumbi & Muzo - Someone

2: Mampi - Love Recipe

1: Urban Hype - Sweet Melody

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