Zambezi Magic: What's your Beard Style

07 May 2018
Whats your beard style? Lets take a look at a few beard styles that have caught our eyes on TV
<p>whats your beard style</p>

A man’s personal style is very evident in the kind of clothes he wears, his accessories also go a long way in defining a man’s style. But one unmistakable style element every man carries with him is the way he wears his beard. With so many beard styles out there, most men showcase their personal style in how their beard is groomed, be it clean shaven, goatee, a hulihee or a stubble. So, what’s in a beard you ask? Well, we shall take a close look at some of the men that grace our TV screens every day and try to identify what their beard style is.

Charles Sosala: Sporting the full beard look, Charlie has added a personal touch of color with a platinum hue.

1525704981 34 screen shot 2018 05 02 at 10.40.09

Masuzyo: Going for the minimalist look, he has gone for the ‘Pencil’ moustache look.

1525705132 34 screen shot 2018 05 03 at 09.33.59

Kachesa: The eccentric security guard let's his style shine through with the ‘French Fork’ beard style.

1525705239 34 screen shot 2018 05 02 at 10.27.59

Uncle Limbani and Rex Mvula: Both gentlemen have gone with the ‘Stubble’ look; with Rex going with the Long Stubble look. The greys also give that salt and pepper look.

1525705351 34 beards 3 collage

Jean Phillipe: The hitman hired by Hazel and Taonga sports the ‘Friendly Mutton Chops’ beard look.

1525705649 34 screen shot 2018 05 03 at 09.44.32

Joshua and Thando: The Sosala brothers let their persona show through as they rock the ‘Extended Goatee’ look.

1525705794 34 beards 8 collage

Mr Patel: With a hint of color, his beard style is called the ‘Ducktail’.

1525705891 34 screen shot 2018 05 03 at 13.25.43

Bashi: Also known as the assistant platoon commander, he throws it all the way back with his ‘Napolean III Imperial’ beard style.

1525705993 34 screen shot 2018 05 03 at 09.37.52

There are so many beard styles out there and with no restrictions to how creative one can get with their personal grooming style, which of these beard styles befit the characters sporting them?

Feel free to share your beard styles below and who knows, you could be eligible for a one on one meeting with one of these fine gentlemen.


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