Zambezi Magic: Birthday Movies For You

16 August 2016
July is our birthday month and as such, we have a few birthday presents lined up for you.
zmbirthday month

The month of July is our birthday month and as we turn 3, we plan to share this momentous milestone with you, our loyal viewers and followers. As such, we have a list of blockbuster content lined up for your viewing pleasure.

We have themed our birthday month a movies month as we bring to you some stellar movies which you can watch every Saturdays from 20hrs. We do understand that life happens and your Saturday evenings might not belong to you anymore, so we shall be repeating these movies for you every Sundays and the following Fridays at the same timeslot of 20hrs. Before we get too carried away with the celebrations, let us check out the list of movies we have lined up for your viewing pleasure.

Saturday 7th July: The Stealers

This movie tells the story of 2 house robbers who get caught up in the domestic issues of the owner of the house they try to rob. The comedic side of this love story will have you in stitches by the time the movie is done.

Saturday 14th July: Colour Of Love

A young woman's desire for marriage is challenged by supernatural consequences, will she be able to overcome tragedy and find true love? There is only one way to get the answer to this question, but you will have to tune in to see the movie to find out.

Saturday 21st July: Payback

What do you think the recourse should be when a man finds his cousin's friend is about to marry the girl who jilted him? Payback is a story of betrayal, love gone wrong. This one is a must see as this love story takes several twists which culminates in a ultimate act of revenge.

Saturday 28th July: Zed Man

Crime sweeps through the city and the citizens are no longer safe. Brazen robberies and a lazy police force ill equipped and uninterested in tackling the rising tide of crime. To avoid utter chaos, a vigilante must rise to take on these criminals, all hail the Zed Man!


The month of July has just begun and we have some more surprises lined up for you. So stay tuned to the only channel that is dedicated to telling our stories for your viewing pleasure.

Stay tuned for all the new and returning shows on Zambezi Magic. Join the conversation on social media using the official hashtag #ZambeziMagic. You can also send us your birthday shoutouts by using the hashtag #ZMBirthdayMonth.