Why You Should Watch Date My Family Zambia

14 November 2017
We know you've been waiting for it and in case you still need to be convinced about it, we have these five reasons why you need to watch Date My Family Zambia.

1. It's like nothing you've ever watched

As opposed to doing your own thing, family is fully involved and they have a lot to say. Never mind what the bachelors amd bachelorettes are looking for, family will be on the driving seat and they will be doing it for Africa. This is a first for Zambia so you'll want to be the first to see it, right?

2. Everyone is ready for it, don't be a spoil spot!

Actually, you won't have anything to say when you hook up with your mates because DMF Zambia is going to be the topic at gatherings for a long time.

3. Zambians are pure fun and they COOK

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You know how Zambian's are not good at pretending - right? Imagine all the fun seeing them trying so hard to pretend they are feeling someone when in fact, they just can't deal with them? Yes, we all have that aunt, uncle or that friend that will embarass the life out of you but you can't get rid of them beacuse...they will also whip up a good meal. You won't want to miss those moments.

4. You may just unlock your own BAE

What's certain is that there will be more singletons coming out of the show than those who will get hitched so...who knows? maybe you can find your love while watching the show - please do let us know and we may just hook you up *wink*. Here's teh deal, at least you'll already know they are out there and what if you are what they are looking for...see what we mean?

5. Your BAE may be on the show...looking

Hahaha we forbid this but hey, what's the best way of telling the one you're with that you're not that into them? Yes, you may think you're in a steady realtionship yet...you're steady alone *hides*. If you don't watch the show, you won't know. It's that simple.

No man, we're joking but guess you've found at least one reason to get you glued to your screen come 20:00 on Thursday 16 November. We have our alarms, reminders and decoders set, what about you?

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