Who is Miss Chalakwanga? – Mpali

31 May 2021
Nguzu is up to something
zm mpali s4 20210525 supercut e12

Nguzu is a very mysterious man and no one really knows what he is up to until the final hour. Recently, he revealed that he knew his wives have been lying to him and all of his children aren’t his, while planting a fake succession plan for the wives to find. He then announced Jairos as his one and only biological son and has now given the farm over to the children to run.

Running a farm and making sure that it’s operating at its optimal. No one person can do this, so Nguzu introduced Miss Chalakwanga who he claims has been helping him with the farm for two months. He called some of his family members; the wives and Hambe and Jairos, to break the news. 

The wives were shocked that he had managed to work with someone for two months and they knew nothing about it. We guess they are not the only ones who know how to keep a secret. ?

Tensions were running high and Mai Guru asked the question that everyone wanted to know, if Miss Chalakwanga would be operating outside of the farm. Nguzu stated that Miss Chalakwanga would be coming to the farm and this left the wives visibly unhappy. What could they be thinking? 

They’re thinking what we are all thinking. Could Nguzu be taking another wife? We wouldn’t be surprised. Plus, he’s covered the most difficult part; introducing her to the family. 

We will be watching closely to see how this storyline unfolds and if you’re as suspicious as the wives, tune in to #ZMMpali every Monday to Thursday at 20:30hrs on #ZambeziMagic DStv CH 162.