Watch Rihanna teach Malawian students

09 June 2017
The music superstar headed to the country on a humanitarian trip.
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We think it's safe to say the world's stars have a deep love for visiting Africa.

Whether it's Will Smith bungee jumping into the rumbling Zambezi gorge or Joss Stone belting out hits with Oliver Mtukudzi, all corners of our continent are clearly turning into preferred destinations for the planet's biggest stars.

The latest to land on Africa's shores was Rihanna. The music star though wasn't here on a holiday excursion in January but rather a humanitarian trip that saw her heading to the most impoverished areas in Malawi's rural areas. The trip however wasn't all doom and gloom as the hitmaker spent time getting a close understanding of the problems that trouble the region before taking a moment herself to teach the eager young learners from the school some maths.

Not one to miss out on some fun, Riri later had a go at a round of sports with the kids and sang songs with the girls, much to the delight of all the scholars.

Watch the short documentary from her trip below:

Image credit: Youtube

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