Twists and turns in Mpali

15 August 2023
Dive into a tale of love, lust, wealth, and betrayal as we relook at the moments that kept people talking in the telenovela.

Zambezi Magic’s hit telenovela Mpali seamlessly blends the vibrant tales, culture, and life of the Nguzu family, transporting viewers into their world.

Each episode weaves an enchanting narrative that invites audiences to be part of an unforgettable journey right from their television screens.

With tension rising in the Nguzu home, let’s dive into some of the remarkable highlights from Mpali across seasons.


Zuba’s arrival sparks trouble.

Remember when Nguzu’s wives were distressed after he invited Zuba? The wives thought that there would be a new wife added to the family.

Chilubanda envious scheme

Driven by greed and envy, Chilubanda attacked Nguzu, leaving him disoriented and paralyzed. Nguzu persevered to regain strength and reclaim his family's leadership.

Abduction of the Nguzu Wives

In Season 5, the Nguzu household turned chaotic when his wives were kidnapped. The wives came united, and they finally escaped.

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