Tionenji - Mpali

23 January 2020
Next generation Mpali
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This determined, headstrong and expressive 18-year-old is Shupiwe’s only child. A fluent Chewa speaker and natural haired beauty, she embodies a blossoming African woman.

Family life and relationships

Tionenji is Mwale’s child with Shupiwe, born when Shupiwe herself was only 18-years-old. This makes Tionenji Logik Benson’s niece. Tionenji was raised by her grandmother in Chipata – a village near the Zambia/Malawi border.

Tionenji never had the chance to grow up under the same roof with both her parents. Thus, she possesses a steely determination to mend the broken relationship between herself and her mother.

She knows who her father is and previously met him on several occasions. Her story takes a devastating arc when her desires to reconnect with him are curtailed after discovering that he was murdered. This arms her with a fierce hunger to seek justice for him.

Her best friend is Moses, Jairos’ young brother.

Flaws and faults

Keen to get the best out of life, Tionenji finds herself easily swayed by the latest phones, expensive cars and exclusive fashions. Furthermore, her lack of exposure to the fast life of the city, leads her into all sorts of mistakes, compounded by making friends with the wrong company.

Education and future goals

Tionenji went up to grade 12 in terms of education but did not do well during the exams. Thus, she shifts her focus towards finding a rich man to marry her, so she can live as a wife and enjoy the man’s wealth. However, when she arrives at the Nguzu farm she meets other women, like Mwiza, who encourage her to go back to school. She battles a deep conflict within herself regarding what to pursue – school or marriage.

Empire builder?

Tionenji, having grown up at the Zambia/Malawi border is business minded and has a knack for negotiating her way through difficult situations. She habours private dreams of making her mother and her grandmother (the woman who raised her) proud.

Bonus (FYI)

In her private time, Tionenji loves to cook and is a masterchef at cooking tradition meals. She most takes after her mother, who is also business minded.

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