This Week’s Movies on Zambezi Magic: 27th Nov – 30th Nov

27 November 2017
If it’s local movies you want, we’ve got you covered
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Monday 27th November


Behind Your Tears aka Mirror Of The Future:

Behind my Tears is an emotional tale which anchored on Romance, love, intrigues, lies, regrets and forgiveness. In spite of the harsh circumstances surrounding Chika.

Tuesday 28th November


Madam 10/10:

An all star cast movie starring Klint da drunk, Patience Ozokwor, Eve Esin, and many more is set in a secondary school.

Wednesday 29th November


Madam 10/10 Pt 2

The second instalment of the comedic movie set around a secondary school starring the likes of Patience Ozokwor, Kint da Drunk, Eve Esin and many more.

Thursday 30th November


Behind Your Tears Pt 2

Chika attracts the love of two young men who would do anything to win her heart. Unexpectedly, life in its uncertainty subjects her to an inescapable despair following an ugly incidence.

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