This week on Zambezi Magic

26 June 2017
Thrills, spills and a whole lot of drama is the name of the game on Zambezi Magic!
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Whether comedy is what you seek or it's edge of the seat drama you're after, Zambezi Magic has you covered!

Here's what you can look forward to this week:

Monday - Date My Family Zambia Auditions

With Date My Family Zambia coming soon, you now have the exclusive opportunity to be a part of the show! If you'd like to enter, simply fill in the form here and you just might find yourself on the show!

Tuesday - Spoiler

There's no telling what wild wacky and crazy antic Spoiler will get up to this week but there's one thing we know for sure, it will be hilarious!

Wednesday - The 3rd Will

The battle for Henry Kamati's empire continues this week on The 3rd Will! Catch it all on Zambezi Magic!

Thursday - My Kitchen Party

Brand new week which means a brand new couple on My Kitchen Party. Witness them on their journey to marital bliss on Zambezi Magic.

Friday - National School Quiz Championship - 18:00

They're some of the brightest minds in the SADC region which means the stakes are incredibly high! Witness these young geniuses in a battle of the minds on the National School Quiz Championship on Zambezi Magic

Saturday - Don't Mess with Kansiime - 15:00

If you're going to enter Kansiime's store, make sure you're buying and not just there to waste her time. Otherwise there will be consequences. Catch Anne Kansiime up to her regular hilarious antics on Zambezi Magic!

Sunday - Our Perfect Wedding Kenya - 19:00

Mercy noticed when she started her new job that her boss Saul paid a bit more attention to her than he did other new recruits. Soon the two fell in love and Saul’s mom told him that he would do well to marry Mercy. Saul tried to arrange the perfect engagement but things didn’t go right; now they’re trying to put together the perfect wedding.

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