This week on Zambezi Magic

15 May 2017
It's edge of the seat drama this week on Zambezi Magic!
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Zambezi Magic is all about telling your original, authentic, African stories!

However sometimes we miss some of our favourite programs which is why throughout the month of May, you can now catch up on the biggest and most entertaining shows with weekly binge viewing slots!

Take a look at what you can look forward too this week.

Monday - Fever

There's only one thing on Misozi's mind and that is revenge! Enjoy one of Zambezi Magic's most thrilling dramas, Fever, this May! It's the season one premiere at 21:00 this Monday!

Tuesday - Our Perfect Wedding Zambia

Few things are as beautiful as the union between two madly in love individuals. On Our Perfect Wedding Zambia we follow couples on their heart warming but sometimes tumultuous journey to the alter. Tune in at 20:00

Wednesday - It's Complicated

This week on It's Complicated Ipeleng is in for a nasty surprise when she finds out just where and with whom Thato is actually staying! Catch all the drama from 21:30!

Thursday - Njila

Gomez is about to learn the hard way that nothing can stand in the way of a siblings love even though he may not like it. Jane is also sticking to her guns that she disapproves of the path he is taking in his life. Catch Njila from 19:00

Friday - Dorika

We're going back to where it all began! Revisit the hilarious first season of Dorika where her wild and wacky antics all began! Tune in at 19:30.

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