Introducing: The Social Voice Zambezi

25 February 2020
A look at the moments that garnered the biggest social media connection and reaction

Coup d’état

It is entirely fitting that this is the crux that set social media ablaze! Junza rises to the occasion like a phoenix from the ashes, and is rightly dressed to KILL in this classic instalment of #ZMMpali. Years of mistreatment, lovelessness and disrespect from Nguzu culminate and are turned around in this moment of poetic justice. 

Junza's revenge is a sweet, potent dish served cold. This is her farm now, and she has the title deed and bank balance to prove it. The Social Support couldn't have rung any louder: 101 387 engagements, 5 600 reactions and 1 200 comments

Second husbands

Collective gasp! We were never ready! And apparently, neither was Nguzu. 

Like vultures circling a grievously wounded beast, the wives can smell Nguzu's rancid demise and make a bold move...into their lover's arms. At this point, they have done it all to hurt him, and he has forgiven all. But can he forgive this?

The Social Response was resounding: 103 201 engagements, 4 200 reactions and 1 000 comments

Thando's rescue (behind the scenes)

This behind the scenes look into the creation of the episode that brought Thando back to #ZMZuba was a social media smash! The producer, director, writer and cast featured in this 4 minute expose shared hidden plot lines and diffused excitement and anticipation for the upcoming episodes.

Viewers couldn't have been more ready to receive a thing! 95 674 engagements, 2 500 reactions and 310 (all positive!) comments

These are the moments that The Social Voice rose loudest and strongest! Thank you for lending your voice and joining in the conversation Zambezi! ??