Thando Sosala – Zuba

19 February 2020
We delve deeper into the Thando Sosala character and dissect a bit of the hidden.
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Born with a silver spoon and a lot of privilege placed purposefully on overly garnished silver platters, Thando is co-heir of the Sosala empire and quite a hit with the ladies.

Family and relationships

Obviously as young at heart as he is in age, Thando lives with his mother, Phingiwe; Brother, Joshua and sister, Natasha. His relationships are as wavy as they come and because he sometimes downright refuses to sturdy up and be purpose-driven, he’s an occasional ‘life lecture’ recipient.

Having swept Zuba off her feet right after Yemba was pronounced dead, Thando tries to make it a point that his lady knows she’s loved; even after indulging Wana on more than a few occasions.

 Education, Profession and Skills

Though drenched in oblivion sometimes, Thando places well on academics; holding a master in business from a US ivy league university. His innate charm is a perfectly placed puzzle piece that affords him flawless managerial and PR skills; elements that further highlighting his ‘people’s person’ demeanour.

As with any young man with more than enough to go by, Thando doesn’t quite hit the bull’s eye in terms of career objectives. Driven by the ‘live and love and let live and love’ motto, he’s tossed and turned by Sosala Fashions borne tides and is a philanthropist in subtle light.

Flaws and faults

More generous than he is headstrong, Thando sometimes fails to see through not-so-well-meaning people and ends up curled in bitter agendas. Though nesting some moral strength and character, people like Wana, Mwiza and Jaden have access to the remote control that eases his manipulation.

Overall character

After his ‘what dreams are made of’ wedding with Zuba; a wedding that almost didn’t happen thanks to Wana’s unsolicited intervention by the way; Thando’s single-dimensional view of the world quickly goes 3D when Mwiza calls and declares code red. Between missing funds, large amounts owed to Wana and other hidden skeleton pieces; his disappearance adds fuel to the fire.

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