Slay King – DMF Botswana

11 October 2019
Thabo brings a lot to the table, too much maybe?

Thabo is a 29-year-old tour de force! With one hand he balances being the father of TRIPLETS and with the other a full-time career as a graphic designer and photographer. His ideal conquest is a well-built woman - because in his words ‘thick thighs save lives’, with a BULGING forehead and good sense of humor to match his jovial personality.

Out-spoken Thabo isn’t going to leave anyone guessing about his thoughts or intentions. In classic over-share mode he swiftly stuns the families and potential dates with his candor and sometimes charming, sometimes cocky self-assuredness.

This 32-year-old hairstylist and make-up artists’ main concern is to find a caring, supportive and honest partner with enough love to extend towards her and her 2 children. She is hopeful for a tall and God-fearing suitor (Ooops!). And is undoubtedly chuffed to learn about his triplets!

Sporty, shy Nicky gets a shocking revelation of what her exact opposite would look like in Thabo. This quiet and reserved 24-year-old BCom Economics student is hoping ‘the bachelor’ is a tall, dark and handsome visionary with enough patience to coax her out of her shell.

Vivacious Uchinami is a 28-year-old registered nurse and fitness enthusiast. She is looking for financially stable, goal oriented, Mr. Nice Guy. Also on her list are mobile (as in, MUST have a car), respectful, caring and open-minded. However, even during Thabo’s ‘date with her family’ she is turned off by his ‘over-confidence’.

Thabo chooses Uchinami! To their mutual dismay! She remains unimpressed with his attitude, and he seems stuck on her looks. For the sake of ‘the sisterhood’ everywhere, she declines a second date, but will acquiesce to meeting him for an ice cream…during the day.

The Verdict: Bust!