All the times Shi Mumbi made us LOL

29 September 2020
To celebrate a brand-new season of Shi Mumbi, here are four standout moments that made us laugh out loud last season.
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With a delectable selection of rib-tickling comic anecdotes, Shi Mumbi season 1 kept our Friday nights rich with good cheer all winter long. And now with season 2 having kicked off on 8 October, we can’t help but think back to all our favourite moments so far.

Who can forget the time Shi Mumbi the Casanova first revealed his flamboyant colours? In this episode both Belinda and Rosemary were duped into believing that Rex was a property owner who recently returned from Germany, and that he had intentions of marrying them!

 Looks can be deceiving

Another moment of comedy gold came when Rosemary's mother made the long journey from Kapiri to leave her pregnant daughter at a grumbling Shi Mumbi's home.  Despite making every excuse in the book to wriggle out of taking Rosemary as his wife, Rosemary’s mother refused to be defeated in her purpose.  At the same time, Belinda’s plan to surprise her 'baby' brought her face to face with a startled Rosemary.

Surprise baby!

Next we learned how hard Shi Mumbi really had to work to keep up his playboy lifestyle. This hilarious highlight brought to light his particular brand of showmanship. This is what transpired when Shi Mumbi spent the night with Belinda and was then forced to wear one of her outfits to return home to his wife:

Shi Mumbi's 'Careers day' look

Lastly, let’s recap the season finale of Shi Mumbi season 1, that saw a suspicious Rosemary follow her husband Rex (Shi Mumbi) to a kitchen party that was held to celebrate his impeding nuptials to another woman!

The fast-talking conman literary put his foot in it when he tumbled into a koi pond while attempting to escape the wrath of the two women he had scorned.


The truth always comes out in the end

After the disastrous kitchen party left Belinda’s heart bruised and broken, will we see the end of ‘RexLinda’? Tune in every Friday at 21:00hrs on #ZambeziMagic DStv CH 162 to find out! ⏰??