Rosemary Sibisi talks building her empire

29 May 2017
Host of Style with RoseS featured on Lionesses of Africa.

One of Zambezi Magic's most beloved and inspiring talk show hosts is undoubtedly Rose Sibisi. With a show that entertained thousands every week on the channel, it was only a matter of time before more people stood up and took notice.

This week Lionesses of Africa shone their spotlight on Rose to find out more about her rise and rise. In a candid interview they explore the lifestyle brand that birthed the Style with RoseS TV show as well as taking the leap from corporate to being an entrepreneur.

Take a look at an excerpt from the interview below:

     What's the biggest piece of advice you can give to other women looking to start-up?

The first question to be able to ask yourself and have an answer to is: “What is my purpose?” For as long as you are alive, you were created for a purpose to better the lives of others – it’s not about you. Women were created to “birth” life and that is not restricted to human life. It means women have the creative and multiplying power to push boundaries with strength, resilience and focus in any area of business, communities and any sphere of influence they are assigned to. So – for you to get to the next level - know what your passion and purpose is and never give up!

For the full interview head over to the Lionesses of Africa website here