Press Release: Zed Top 10 Presenter Search: Here are the Top 20

14 March 2016
The long wait is over. After receiving an overwhelming response from all over Zambia, we have finally selected the Top 20 finalists.

The long wait is over. After receiving an overwhelming response from all over Zambia to the Zed Top 10 presenter search callout, Zambezi Magic has now shortlisted the top 20 entries. These talented finalists represent a diverse range of presenting styles, techniques and looks, all with great potential to become the ultimate Zed Top 10 video jockey.

The channel now needs the help of the viewers to pick the Top 10. Starting on Friday the 11th of March to Friday 18th of March 2016, for a full week, the viewers will be able to vote for their favourite 10 presenters.

Addiel Dzinoreva, Head of Zambezi Magic said “The Zed Top 10 is one of Zambezi Magic’s most popular shows every week. Zambezi Magic is looking for a multi lingual and charismatic individual, between 18 and 26 years old, who is passionate about television, music and the world of entertainment. It’s a great opportunity for any young Zambian who believes they have what it takes to be the very first video jockey on Zambezi Magic.”

For this round of the talent search, viewers have an opportunity to pick the top 10 presenters and eliminate the bottom 10. Viewers can participate by simply going to www.zambezimagic.tv/shows/zed-top-10, viewing the Top 20 entries, then voting for their favorite presenter using the online poll. Viewers are encouraged to create their own top 10 lists and share, comment, debate and defend their choices.

“Our viewers are now in a position to end the dreams of at least 10 prospects and at the same time move another ten closer to their dream of becoming a television star. So we want everyone to participate and for friends, family, and colleagues it’s an opportunity to campaign and make a case for their favourites.” Dzinoreva said.

Zambezi Magic has provided various opportunities for local talent in the arts and film industries to show case their talent on DStv Channel 160. Since its entry onto the market, in July last year, the channel has launched various shows that include lifestyle, musical countdown, movies, drama series and religious programmes from six different countries in Southern Africa. The introduction of a Zambian on air presenter for the Zed Top 10 is one of the many new local talents coming to Zambezi Magic this year.


Here is full list of the Top 20

  1. Chisha Ernest Mubambe aka Chromez

  1. Abigail Banda

  1. Chanda Kangwa aka Roxy Jones K

  1. Petronella Kabwe aka Pretty Muchonella

  1. Nsunga Chiyungi aka Sashiska

  1. Ivy Mutale

  1. Natasha Yombwe aka Small Tash

  1. Chiluba Katongo

  1. Thandiwe Zulu Vundamina aka Thandi

  1. Taonga Kaonga

  1. Luke Mumba

  1. Olanimas Jackson Sampson

  1. Ezra Blackson

  1. Elaine Luchinde

  1. Kasazi Lanino Lungu aka Miss Lanino

  1. Mercy Mukwiza

  1. Paul Kasanda

  1. Libongani

  1. Benas Banda

  1. Nicoletta Chimbala Katulwende aka Miss Coletta

Zed Top 10 premiers on Fridays at 21:30 CAT. For more information, about the show, you can log on to www.zambezimagic.tv and follow Zambezi Magic on Facebook: Zambezi Magic TV; Twitter @zambezimagictv; Instagram zambezimagictv and WeChat ZambeziMagic.