Our picks for the Month of Love

24 February 2020
The smoldering passion and heart tugging moments that made us swoon this February

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Romance with a dash of danger

Tall, dark and handsome Niko sent hearts racing in the moment he revealed a simultaneously vulnerable and yet dangerous side. In this racy scene, Zuba catches him unawares - caught between dream and reality - and finds herself breathlessly close to Detective Heart Throb.

1582552192 34 zm mpali s2 20200206

Love undone

One of the most memorable moments from the Month of Love came from #ZMMpali - when Tamara's plans to make a fast getaway from the farm with Nguzu's money are dramatically foiled. Instead, she gets caught exchanging vows of undying love in her lover Hambe's arms. In this moment, her plans of escape come to naught and she ultimately breaks Nguzu's heart.

1582553322 34 zm tuvwange s1 20200206

The other woman

The ladies of the #ZMTuvwange panel revealed their personal experiences around being as well as knowing the other woman. This was followed by one of our most intimate poll questions: To confront the side chick or NOT to confront the side chick?

1582553616 34 zm llmll s3 20200207

All for love

Laughs and love made a perfect pairing in this instalment of Landlady meets landlord! Tembo couldn't resist a payment 'in kind', and Masuzyo was willing to sacrifice his father's favourite sausages in a bid to win the affections of a Pretty Young Thing!
1582554074 34 zm mwine s3 20200214

Unrequited love

The truth may hurt, but it will set you free. This was the unfortunate circumstance faced by one young man on #ZMMwineMushi. Disturbed by a sudden turn in affections he perceived from his betrothed, the young man approached Mwine Mushi for his wisdom and guidance regarding the cause and cure for his lover's change of heart. 

1582554871 34 zm zuba s3 20200218

Pandora's box

Zuba and Niko finally crossed the boundaries of rhyme and reason and succumbed to their burning passion for one another. The question is, are they ready for the repercussions that will inevitably follow?

Thank you for joining Zambezi Magic as we celebrated and journeyed through the month of LOVE! We look forward to many more with you on DStv CH 162!