Njila: The Phase - Who's the biggest villain?

26 February 2016
Do you love Njila as much as we do? Then take part in our little poll where we see who's the biggest baddie on the show!

Every Friday night, scores of viewers from around Southern Africa gather around the TV to watch one of Zambezi Magic's newest and most thrilling dramas, Njila! For fans of the program, you'll know that the lives of Gomez and Jane are tormented by two separate but equally evil villians, Drecas and their Uncle Tom.

Of course playing a villain isn't easy. You have to make the audience hate you and convince us that deep down inside you truly are a bad guy! That's why today we'd like to know, who do you think is the bigger baddie on Njila? Let us know in the poll below:

Catch Njila: The Phase every Friday at 20:30, Zambezi Magic DStv channel 160.

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