Mpali is the gift that keeps on giving

09 January 2020
And just in case you've missed anything...Here's a quick recap to get you up to speed!
mpali s2 december 2

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Nguzu gave his wives a year to bear him heirs in order to earn their places on the farm.

1578582215 34 mpali s2 december 1

Mai Guru sold a portion of the farm and Nguzu was nowhere near suspecting his 'chief' empress.

1578581505 34 mpali s2 december 3

Monde visited a witch-doctor and managed to secure a concoction that had Nguzu falling head over heels for her. The other wives found out and looked for ways to pry Nguzu from under Monde's spell.

1578581585 34 mpali s2 dec 4

After supernatural redemption, Nguzu used a staff to force his wives to reveal all their secrets and as a result Monde was banished from the farm!

1578581629 34 mpali s2 dec 6

Nguzu discovered that Tamara is not a mother as she claimed.

1578581722 34 mpali s2 jan 1

Shupiwe wins a victory over her nemesis Tamara! 

1578582121 34 mpali s2 2020 106

Mai Guru is delt a devastating blow when she finds out that out Hambe has been taken out of the will.

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