Mpali fans react to Tionenji’s pregnancy!

08 November 2021
Tio has left her mother and Facebook in a state of shock.
Zm Reactc to Tio Pregnancy

With a storyline as touching and as tear-jerking as hers, you need to brace yourself for what young Tionenji faces on Mpali, one of Zambezi Magic’s most loved telenovelas.  

Recently, we saw Tio and her mother Shupiwe reuniting, but in a world full of twists and turns. As the story goes, her mother left her behind in the village to be raised by her grandmother, fearing Nguzu would divorce her if he found out about Tio’s existence. 

Tio who was coming of age was then required to get a job, in this case, at a motel.  During this period of self-discovery, she found herself mixed up with some bad company and ended up pregnant. The details surrounding the shocking pregnancy are yet to be revealed but we as we all know, nothing remains hidden in Mpali.  

Tio’s pregnancy nearly broke Zambia’s internet because no one saw it coming! Talk about unpredictable. 

Let’s have a look at what some of you had to say:  

Many of you thought Moses was responsible for this bun in the oven but soon after the truth came out, a lot felt pity for him and how Tionenji had “betrayed him”. Others say Moses was forcing love on Tio, so he basically deserves this sudden turn of events.

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There were also feelings that Shupiwe has finally been silenced after being someone who constantly shames other people’s children for finding themselves in tricky situations, case in point: when she mocked Mwanida. “What goes around, comes back around” clearly. 

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Other fans are certain that the drama doesn’t end here as they expect more for Shupiwe, who’s life seems to be unravelling at top speed on screen. 

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We also can’t ignore all the love fans have for the show that keeps dishing us unpredictable moments of shock and equal parts laughter. Some of you are quite sure the Mpali characters behave like real family off-camera. ? 

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Don’t miss out on what happens next to Tionenji and her mother Shupiwe in upcoming episodes of Mpali.  

Tune in from Monday to Thursday at 20:30 on #ZambeziMagic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Supa Channel 5.