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16 September 2019
Love is unpredictable, much like our searching suitor Letlhogonolo
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Letlhogonolo is a 26-year-old bachelor, who isn’t quite sure what he’s searching for in love. It could be a fierce and mature woman who reminds him of his mom (AKA the Dragon Lady), a natural haired beauty to match his style and aesthetic, or someone entirely unexpected!

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Good-looking, well-spoken Letlhogonolo is just what the doctor ordered, although his potential dates find his hair-do to be somewhat of a sore point! This wireless network technician believes a beautiful, natural haired queen who can speak her mind would suit him just fine, and is willing to leave the rest up to chance!

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Lovable Talenta is an up and coming actress looking for the father of her future children! Her Prince Charming is a masculine and loving dark-chocolate companion, who loves The Lord, and has his own car.

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A man with a beard is Tshidi’s flavor! Although this 27-year-old, fun loving, hospitality manager is happy to try new things. As long as our hapless suitor is romantic and funny, she’s not worried about him not having a car!

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20-year-old Katlego is an unexpected surprise! This risk management student is a tatted-up, graceful model looking for a yellow-bone, loving, and respectful Mr. Right.

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The Date

Following 3 remarkable dates with the bachelorette’s families, Letlhogonolo picked Katlego!
The beautiful pairing enjoyed a sun kissed date, that led to a smitten Letlhogonolo asking for a kiss and a second date!

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