Local Movies Coming to Zambezi Magic This October

03 October 2017
Wednesday 21:00 is now dubbed as Local Movie Night on Zambezi Magic, check out what's coming up.
Deep Thought 3

Misozi: 04 October 

A destined and ambitious young girl’s (MISOZI) dreams are shattered after being sexually abused.  She later discovers that she can't trust those close to her. Will she still fulfil her dreams?

Deep Thought: 11 October

Dzingai worked for so many years at Quarry Stones raising money for Matinyanya to pursue her career in acting. Everything changes when they move to Harare.

Sour Milk: 18 October

Co-written by Zimbabwean born actor and model, Melgin Tafirenyika, the movie features South African, Zimbabwean and Nigerian actors. It follows the story of Tony who had never cheated on his wife of eight years, Rose but the day he tried marked the end of their marriage. Whilst Coaster is double-crossing two friends.

I Will Marry Myself: 25 October

A fascinating story about an African woman, who was fed up of being taken for granted by men that she took the matter into her own hands. She married herself, bride prize (lobola) and all.

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