Leading with love – Zambezi Magic

15 July 2020
Zambezi Magic is in a month of celebration. What better way to celebrate than to look back at the wonderful love stories that have graced our television screens.
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As Africans, public displays of affection between two people in love are not commonplace. We are raised to respect all things that pertain to love; treating it as a sacred connection far from prying eyes. Many happily married couples and parents hardly show signs of their love or affection in front of their own children, let alone in public. Yet we know that they share the deepest of connections and stay together for the longest time.

Why do people need to show their affection in public? What does anyone gain from holding hands, embracing a loved one closely, or ‘worst’ of all kissing?

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We may have many differing perspectives with regards to these questions, but at the end of the day it is impossible to ignore how much society has changed and evolved from a private environment to a public domain.

Another platform that has changed he narrative of love, is the hit reality show Date My Family which showcases the many positives that come from being in the public eye and sharing your love story openly.

The show narrates the journey of a bachelor or bachelorette endures or what often seems like a torturous dining experience with a 3 different families with the hope or finding their happily ever afters and finally share that first date with the chosen suitor. Each tentative smile hints at blossoming love and by the end of the date, the viewer is left to imagine the journey to a memorable romance that will follow.


Once love begins to flourish, it requires time and guidance in order not to fall off the tracks. Who better to help loved ones avoid life’s pitfalls than the colourful ladies of Tuvwange? Their riveting panel discussions present multifaceted and insightful looks into matters that make the difference between blissful matrimony and acrimony. Keeping love alive is an art which Tuvwange discusses and dissects regularly. 

Happy couples make happy families, and happy families make a happy nation. If the price we must pay for that is seeing love in action everywhere, then bring on the affection, because the alterna