Kicking it with Kalenga, the host of OPW Zambia

12 December 2016
We caught up with Our Perfect Wedding Zambia presenter, Kalenga Mubanga to find out what it's like hosting on of the biggest shows ever!

Every Thursday evening scores of Zambians and Southern Africans alike get together to witness one of the most unmissable shows on TV. Like clockwork, at 20:30 the TVs switch to DStv channel 160, just in time for the familiar orchestral jingle that signifies the start of the program. Once the silhouette of a kissing couple and the music fades, the viewers are met with a beaming smile and warm welcome by a radiant host. Her name is Kalenga Mubanga.

 As the presenter of Our Perfect Wedding Zambia, Kalenga introduces viewers ever week to a new Zambia couple while sharing in the stories, challenges and expectations of the lovebirds as they head towards their big day. And while she gets to travel, see the countryside and witness the beauty of love, being a presenter of one of the biggest shows on TV is not always a bed of roses!

We recently caught up with Kalenga to find out more about her experience as the host of the hit show and see just how crazy things can get on set!

Of all the couples you met, which one do you think will make the most memorable one of Season 1?

This is hard to tell because each couple is unique and each love story different. But maybe Tom and Sharon as it's their second chance at love and its lovely because it brings hope.

What have you found to be your favourite part of the weddings?

The church service because it's the moment when the bride and groom actually commit to each other

[caption id="attachment_6768" align="aligncenter" width="613"] Tom & Sharon shoot their profile with Kalenga[/caption]

Can you recall the craziest moment you experienced at one of the weddings?

YES! YES! YES! There's a wedding when a bridesmaid fainted at the reception and she had to be taken to hospital!

Which of the weddings was the most challenging to shoot in the season and why?

Floyd and Rachel. This is because it was my very first show to shoot and I was still trying to understand, learn and quickly adapt to my role as the presenter. Plus the crew also discovered my fear of heights! Lol!

Lastly, what do you think is the secret to having a perfect wedding?

Drop the committees and do it yourself with an actual wedding planner!

Catch Kalenga on Our Perfect Wedding Zambia every Thursday evening at 20:30 on Zambezi Magic

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