Take me back to festive – Zambezi Magic

21 January 2021
The Janu-worry blues have settled in, but we’ve stored up just the right kind of entertainment to revive that good ol’ festive cheer
januworry camapign image

Janu-worry just says it all. You feel it, we all feel it! That’s why Zambezi Magic has storytelling magic lined up to lift your weary spirits. But before we fill you in on what’s new this January, lets rekindle some of the festive season sparkle and shine a light on these hand-picked moments to cherish.

Mungoma’s earth-shattering announcement

This is rock bottom – Mungoma

Mungoma’s moment of the season came through in this episodic highlight when Towela blurted out that she was carrying Zulu's child, during a run-in with Naomi. This explosive outburst was enough to not only stun Naomi, but to leave audiences around the continent reeling from the shock-waves.

Zuba’s Christmas scandal

Second wife, second husband – Zuba

This tea was just too good to miss. First, Lute confronted her husband's indiscretions with an indecent proposal of her own. Essentially, if he brought Sandra into their home, then she would bring in a second husband of her own. 

Then, while we were all still clutching our pearls at Lute’s announcement, Phingiwe found out that the baby Suwi was carrying was not her darling Joshua’s offspring. 

Mpali’s relatable family feud

All in due time – Mpali

There’s nothing like an argument with mom to make you feel like you’re truly home for the holidays. In this instalment Tionenji refused to return to Shupiwe's home after their fight. 

Be honest, who’s side were you on?

Ubuntu’s bewitching climax

Curses upon you! – Ubuntu

The gods spoke, but the queen denied them their request! Tachimba was declared the rightful king of Ubuntu, but not if Thandiwena had any part to play in it.

After ordering Pendelo and Chola’s executions, Queen Mother Chawezi served their blood as a sacrifice to the mountain witch. This watershed scene marked the moment that the queen crossed over to the dark side.


Now that you’re all caught up on the festive magic, stay locked to our channel to find out what the new year holds. #ZambeziMagic DStv CH 162