Hello November, Hello New Shows!

01 November 2017
Dramas, comedy and reality are all coming to Zambezi Magic.
new shows

This November, get excited for our brand new shows set to hit Zambezi Magic.

Monday 06 November

Ma Jimbo at 19:30

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The Monday 19:30 slot will now belong to Zambezi Magic's brand new comedy drama series, Ma Jimbo. Ma Jimbo follows the lives of four young men and a lady in a compound. The five live in humorous and satirical situations which are enhanced by the people around.

Launch Episode: Two robbers plan to steal a bag from a lady who is walking by. The first robber is surprised when the lady recognizes him as her old classmate and he pretends he wasn’t trying to steal. However, his friend sneaks behind the lady and steals the bag and they both run off.

This and many more on this episode of Ma Jimbo…

City on Fire at 20:00

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With Cotgrit over, we welcome City on Fire, which airs every Monday to Wednesday at 20:00. Directed by Wyclif Mwamba with Bridget Kashiba as one of the main actors, City on Fiire is a drama series which explores the complex happenings in a city where virtue and evil are in perpetual battle for supremacy.

Thursday 16 November

Date My Family Zambia at 20:00

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Date My Family helps Zambian singletons find love by sending them on dates with their potential partner's family. Will they find the loves of their lives? Well, we have to wait and see.

Thursday 23 November

Dreams at 19:00

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Later on in the month, the much-anticipated Dreams hits our screens. As Zambia’s hottest music talent search, the show focuses on discovering upcoming music stars and make them into instant national-wide icons. Boasting of radio goddess Thandiwe Vundamina, music sensation 
Mukuni “Kuni” Mulundika and Zambia's king of radio Kenny "Kenny T" Tonga as judges and the breathtaking Cleo Ice Queen as host, this is definitely the one Zambia has been waiting for.

Sunday 26 November

Mfuti at 20:00

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Your Sundays will never be the same again as this action-packed drama series is set to take over your conversations. When bandits flee from police officers after robbing a bank and accidentally drop a gun near Mahundu village. The gun creates commotion in the village. Those who know will tell you that the word "Mfuti" means GUN. So see how this gun changes the situation in this tiny village.

This is your November made!