Getting to know the lady behind 'Thandiwena'

04 December 2019
Ever wondered what it takes to gear yourself up for a character that’s on one of the country’s biggest shows? Below we have an insightful chat with the lady who brings the character ‘Thandiwena’ to life…
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Many people know you as ‘Thandiwena’ but when you are not on Ubuntu you are known as?

  • Chinyimba Daisy Mwansa Lusumpa aka Chichi Daisy Lups

Besides Ubuntu, where else have we seen you before?

  • Masauso, Fever, Bogade, I also hosted talk reality Show, ie Nkhani Yamusis

Ubuntu is a huge production many dream to be part of; how did you land this amazing role?

  • I received a call from the producer who told about me about the role. I decided to audition, the competition was stiff as so many other seasoned actresses auditioned, I was challenged emotionally and physically.

Thandiwena sounds like a really intense character, how did you prepare for the audition?

  • I had to put myself in that space where Thandiwena deals with her demons- this was mentally and emotionally draining for me. I cried afterwards and just thought to myself… I guess that is my truth.

In acting the golden rule is to let go of yourself and let your character take over, How were you able to totally let go of ChiChi?

  • It really was a traumatizing experience for me. I had to allow myself to get to the dark side of myself and be vulnerable in front of the cameras and casting crew. But my truth paid off. I play this very strange character called Thandiwena. ‘Haha’

There are so many layers to Thandiwena, how can you best describe this character?

  • With Thandiwena anything can happen, from her explosive relationship with her mother Chawezi  and how she has to juggle being a single mother of two teenage daughters in a fast changing world which requires her to be a leader for her people in a world where men believe women are just good for child bearing and kitchen chores.

Hmmm that sounds like majority of modern age women who are trying to find their feet in a previously male dominated society, would you say you have any similarities to the character you play?

  • My Character is the total opposite of me but very relatable in the strangest of ways, the creator of this show must have experienced life at its deepest to create such an emotional roller coast journey Thandiwena is on.

What is it that viewers don’t know about Thandiwena?

  • She’s brilliant, passionate and charismatic but she is also everything you don’t expect- glamorous, unpredictable and dangerous

So as you might know, many people look up to you and would like to see themselves doing what you do. What advice can you give aspiring actors?

  • You make your own luck by preparing yourself when an opportunity avails itself.


Chichi definitely helped us better understand the complex Thandiwena. We hope her advice will help you if you too are looking into becoming an actor. Remember Ubuntu plays Monday-Wednesday at 21:30 on channel 162.