George Picks Monei – DMF Botswana

22 July 2019
25-year-old events producer and coordinator seeks his masterpiece
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George Morris is a 25-year-old events coordinator and producer. He considers himself a free spirit and very adventurous. Humble fun guy with a chilled personality and possesses a great sense of humour like himself.

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His ideal date is a pretty girl with natural beauty that isn’t dependent on makeup. He has three potential dates lined up that he can choose from, but to make his decision; he will need to go on dinner dates with their families and rely on the information he can gleam off them to inform his decision on the girl he will pick. So, lets’ meet his potential dates:


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She is described by her friends as very ‘bougie’. She is a social butterfly who is very in tune with the limelight and her family thinks she deserves a guy who can calm her down a bit. Oh, did we mention she is a digital marketing graduate from the University of Botswana? She is a model, into beauty pageants and a business owner.


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Outgoing, bubbly, very fun and adventurous person. Hates being called a celebrity, but her friends see her as such. And they want a guy who can shower her with all the real love she deserves. 33-year-old mother of one who is a communications practitioner by profession. She loves adventure and leads a sporty and active life.


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Life of the party, never a dull moment. She is a good cook who loves life. And you can never be bored when she is around you. Monei is a 25-year-old au-pair. She is not a morning person so dislikes morning people. She wants a man who is fun, outgoing and most importantly a person who communicates.

As soon as all three dinner dates are done, George must choose one of the ladies he felt her family best represented and that suits his lifestyle and criterium. Monei got the nod from George as he pulled up to her crib to scoop her out on a date.

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Score points for George who managed to keep Monei smiling the whole night, and his casual request for a second and third date didn’t go unnoticed with Monei reminding him that he needs to focus on sustenance because she gets bored easily. Well, let’s hope George can keep up with the high energy Monei exudes.

Click here to see the images of how their date went. And before we get set to see what new couples await us in the next episode, check out how George's date went with this highlight clip below.

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