Friday Funnies

28 January 2020
A look back at the lessons and hilarious moments we enjoyed from Landlady Meets Landlord this season

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Here we learned that when hunger strikes, one has to come up with some creative ways to cure the rumbling tummy!

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Then, we were just as surprised as you were to see how far one would go for a piece of chicken ?!

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Oh my my my! Malingose returns! Her return was met with utmost joy and pleasure. Not least from her two suitors, who proceeded to a dual of a kind - to prove who had mourned her best. Muzo came out on top, with Malibo fashions, as shown here!

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And then Malingose let us in on what was going on in Lizzy's bedroom?

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The cherry on top was in last weeks episode! Where we saw Malingose's guard towards Muzo crumbling a little, and then THIS epic job interview!

The FINAL episode of Landlady Meets Landlord Season 3 airs this Friday at 20:30 on #ZambeziMagic DStv CH162. Make sure you catch these belly laughs, goodbyes and unforgettable moments!