Finding the bad seed – Mpali

31 October 2019
While everyone focuses on everyone else's mess, the real culprit expands their plot.

There’s nothing as disheartening as watching someone do patchwork on a wall that needs total reconstruction. From Tombi’s arrest and the police’s probing all the way to infidelity in the name of ‘saving the farm’s grace’, Nguzu has had to chest quite a bit.

Now, with all of this drama boiling over at once, the man hardly has enough bowls to collect the feed and that’s only the beginning of the sad sad tale. You’re probably correct in concluding that he led himself to the desert and downright refuses rehydration, but can you blame him?!

It is said that he who finds a wife finds a good thing, but what about he who finds a splendour of wives with different characters and agendas that go deeper than mine minerals hiding from their explorers?

It’s quite easy to put the blame on Nancy and her distasteful absence; maybe Tombi and her deep dark family-sourced secrets. How about we open Shupiwe’s long chapters of unforthcoming behaviour; Monde’s supernaturally sourced ills, Tamara’s devil shaming lies maybe? No?! How about Mwiza’s uncensored rebellion? And Mai Guru… What exactly can we say about Nguzu’s beloved first wife?  

There is definitely more than meets the eye in this household, and we hope the bad seed sprouts and exposes its fruit… soon.

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