Fever: What is it all about?

15 January 2016
The February Zambezi Magic brings you a tale of secrets, love, lust and a whole lot more! We bring you 'Fever'!

If you follow Zambezi Magic on social media, you may have seen something interesting on our pages. Still aren't sure what we're on about? Well... there's a new show coming to Zambezi Magic called, 'Fever'!

Now what's 'Fever' you may be wondering? The short answer is; 'Fever' is a series about secrets, love and lust, but most of all, about family, and the lengths we will go to have and protect it. However if you'd like a little more information, here is the full synposis of the exciting new show coming to DStv channel 160 this February:

A woman comes out of jail after serving a long sentence to exact revenge on the man who destroyed her life more than two decades ago. Now a free woman, she wants nothing more than her life back, and the daughter she never got to know or raise. So armed with an arsenal of deadly secrets, she knocks on the door of her nemesis, the wealthy, well respected Rex Mvula, hoping that he will give her what she wants. Rex, however has a lot to lose, and will not give up all that he has worked so hard attain.

What ensues is an tumultuous tug of war between a powerful man and a woman with nothing but will-power and grit on her side. And the conflict threatens to destroy everything that Rex and his wife hold dear.

In addition, while Rex is preoccuplied with fighting Masozi, he fails to see the fractures forming within his family as his wife, son and niece fall prey to poisonous and predatory elements that take root in their lives and leave them as shadows of their former selves.

Witness the story unfold on Fever from the 9th of February at 20:30CAT on Zambezi Magic, DStv channel 160.

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