February on Zambezi Magic: The Week that was

13 February 2018
February is generally known as the month of Love and Zambezi Magic is determined to make all it’s viewers feel the love
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February is referred to as a unique month for several reasons. It is the only month with fluctuating number of days, 28 days on a regular calender and 29 days in a leap year. It also enjoys the celebration of the unofficial day of love, February 14th. Keeping in line with the general theme of love this month, Zambezi Magic decided it would be the best time to show it’s loyal viewers just how much they are loved by rewarding them with the premiere of 9 new shows.

February 5th saw the premiere of a few new shows:

Zuba: Zambia’s first telenovela which hit the screens to much fanfare from the viewing audience. With the tweeps taking to their timelines to express their comments, opinions, accolades and criticisms, it is clear that the Show is steadily becoming a fan favorite for all the viewers.

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Dorika: Making its return for the 3rd season, Dorika needs very little to no introduction at all. The character of Dorika and all it’s other characters like Mr Patel are a huge fan favorite and the laugh-a-minute series is always a winner.

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Security Guards: The Tizadyanabo security company and it’s weird choice of staffers bring a unique edge of humour to the TV screens and the viewing audience enjoy every episode of the comedy series.

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February 6th premieres:

Fever: With the success of the first season, as well as the attention generated with the “behind the music’ series, loyal Fever fans got a chance to see what to expect from the 2nd season of Fever, and the show premiere didn’t disappoint. Viewers and fans couldn’t stop raving about the new look and feel of the show and the new quality of the entire production.

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Land-Lady: Debuting it’s first season, Land Lady gives the general story of communal living a new edge that has viewers staying glued to their TV screens everytime the show comes on.

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February 8th premieres:

OPW Zambia: Boasting a brand new Host, OPW Zambia’s second season had the fans waiting with baited breathe for the season premiere, and when the first episode of the season finally aired, audiences across Zambia took to their timelines to share their comments and praises for the show.

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Tizibika: A social media influenced mock reality show which follows the lives of 2 wanna-be-social butterflies trying to create a life of fame and fortune. Tizibika literally set twitter a-buzz with all the attention from the Tweeps who couldn’t stop raving about the show and how relatable the characters were.

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February 9th Premiere;

Vina: Making it’s debut season on the channel, Vina is a dance inspired show which had the viewers spell bound. There are a lot of other activities which can be successfully combined with dancing and Vina aims to showcase them all.

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Returning Shows in February:

Snakes and Ladders: The viewing audience had been clamouring for the first season of this show to make a comeback and Channel heads decided to give the viewers what they wanted. A reboot which is already getting the attention it deserves, Snakes and Ladders is surely a must watch. Don’t miss it a second time around.

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Zathu: After taking a production break at the tail end of 2017, Zathu returned with a bang in 2018. Now airing in a new timeslot, Zathu has kept it’s loyal viewers glued to their seats with mouth-watering and jaw dropping episodes.

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So, whatever genre tickles your fancy; be it drama, comedy, suspense, thriller or you are just a stickler for telenovelas, we have got you covered as we share our stories with you. After all it’s the month of love.


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