Which Father Goes Farther?

20 June 2020
Who's the daddy when it comes to Zambezi Magic’s on-screen dad’s?
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In the book of fathering there are many chapters, but if you take a few pages from the fathers of Zambezi Magic you may learn a thing or three.

If you wanted to grasp the lesson that anything worth doing is never easy, #ZMMpali’s Mr Nguzu is the perfect father and teacher. Handling seven wives would make most men give up on marriage forever, but somehow Mr Nguzu manages to masterfully finesse them and their associated baggage from his thriving farm.

Even when hard decisions like kicking Jairos out for his mismanagement and theft came about, Mr Nguzu set the example and roared him out like the lion he is. Then just as importantly, when the lessons were learned, he was able to show Jairos mercy like only a father can.

In terms of embodying a sneaky jackal of a father, Shi Mumbi shines. After spending a night away with Belinda, Shi Mumbi returned to his wife dressed in Belinda’s janky clothes. Rather than admitting defeat, he crafted a laughable lie that required commitment and creativity to get away with.

If a father’s responsibility is to protect the household, Mr Nguzu’s firmness and Shi Mumbi’s madness both serve as great examples of best practice in fathering from Zambezi Magic’s hit shows. Happy Father’s Day. Be sure to tune in to #ZMMpali or #ZMShiMumbi to make it an even happier one!


Mpali airs from Monday to Thursday at 20:30hrs on Zambezi Magic DStv CH 162. Shi Mumbi airs on Friday's nights at 21:00hrs.