Dreams: The prizes!

10 July 2017
Here is what's up for grabs for the winner of Dreams!
ZM_Dreams_Post_Prizes 01

The Dreams auditions kick off on the 15th of July and there is one big question on everyone's mind, what is the prize?

Well, wonder no more! We're finally unveiling what you stand to win by entering the star search and the prizes are phenomenal! Firstly, the top three finalists all walk away with a cash prize so no one goes home empty handed. Here is the full prize list below:

Third place: K25 000

Second place: K25 000

First place: K100 000

Plus all three finalists win a trip to Johannesburg!

So now that you know what's on the line, you better warm up those vocal chords and find out when the Dreams auditions will be in your city! Find out more information about the auditions here.

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