DMF Zambia: Michael Liyada takes Florence Zaza on a date

29 December 2017
Michael Liyanda is an IT specialist looking for a woman he can call his best friend as they build a future together
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Episode 7 kicked off with 30 year old Michael Liyanda. An IT specialist who is seeking a serious partner he can plan a future with. He would ultimately like to find a woman who can first be his friend while they both work on building a life together. But in order for him to find such a partner, he would have to go on a dinner date at the homes of all three potentials lined up.

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We meet our three potential dates for Michael and they are Eme Kashiya, Monica Jere and Florence Zaza. Michael Liyanda’s wits were put to the test by a barrage of ‘getting-to-know-you’ questions dished out by all three families as they also tried to present their sibling to their potential suitor.

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Michael Liyanda pretty much had his mind made up when he picked Florence Zaza as his ideal date. And as they both settled down to their date and their meal, we checked out the buzz that was developing on out Twitter timelines. Here are a few that caught our eyes

The episode wrapped and as we wish Michael Liyanda and `````````florence Zaza good fortunes in all their fututre undertakings, let us leave you with the highlights from the episode.

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