Coming soon: Pa Maliketi

15 June 2023
Zambezi Magic to premiere the entertaining new and hilarious comedy series.
Pa Maliketi

When a marketer unexpectedly dies without leaving enough money for a coffin and must be buried in a sack, a group of marketers give birth to a hilarious series that is sure to keep viewers gasping for breath.

Premiering on Friday, 7 July, Pa Maliketi is a 13-part comedy series follows Mwansa after she flees from her abusive boyfriend. She returns to her mother Bana Mwana’s home only to find that Bana Mwansa was buried in a sack because her fellow marketers couldn’t afford a coffin.

This sets off a chain of comical events which leads to Bana Mwansa's co-marketers forming a self-help funeral scheme, sparking off rivalry mistrust among the new business partners. Will the bitter rivalry between the co-marketers result in an all-out war for control of the business?

Heres a snippet on what to expect:

“I’m delighted that Zambezi Magic is launching the hilarious and heart-warming series, Pa Maliketi. I’m sure it will be a must-watch for Zambezi Magic’s comedy fans and will bring plenty of laughter and thoughtful moments. We look forward to seeing how viewers react to this uplifting story,” says Zambezi Magic channel head, Mosibudi Pheeha.

The series stars some of Zambia’s most celebrated actors, including Taonga Nangogo, Robert Nyirenda, Mutinta Hachuma, Philomena Nyirenda, Diana Mwanza, Tom Njovu, Taonga Phiri, Elizabeth Chisela, Louis Seemani, Chansa Gabby Lamba and Innocent Tembo. It is set to be an entertaining and thought-provoking take on the everyday struggles of those left behind.

Watch Pa Maliketi from Friday, 7 July at 21:30 on Zambezi Magic (DStv Channel 162).